What On Earth Is A "Lone Alpha"?

Welcome to my blog! I’m Gosse Minnema, a linguistics student at Leiden University (almost, that is, as I’ll have to wait until September until my classes begin) and I’ll be blogging about whatever comes to my mind, but mainly about “alpha” stuff. I’m not sure if this meaning of “alpha” exists in English, but in Dutch, an “alpha” is someone whose academic interests are in the field of the humanities. This means my posts will often be related to things like language, philosophy, and history.

My interests don’t stop there, though; besides about stuff like politics and (natural, or “bèta”) sciences, I’ll occasionally post about a bit more personal things such as music, travel, books, and of course about my life as a linguistics student. And maybe, one day, I’ll even try to write some fiction!

The Lone Alpha won’t be limited to WordPress: although I will publish most of my longer, serious posts here, I’ll also post some smaller stuff (such as quotes, images and thoughts that are too small for a full-blown blog post) on my microblog on Tumblr, so if you want, you can follow me there, too. And if I decide to get serious about my The Lone Alpha project, I might add channels on YouTube and Instagram as well. Oh, and you can follow me on Twitter, too (if you don’t mind occasionally reading posts in Dutch, which you may not be able to understand. Unless you happen to speak Dutch, of course).


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